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tv   News  ABC  August 31, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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he died while trying to save someone else and drowned. we'll tell you now how a community will remember sherman walden. amed the racers getting ready to start your engines. the second annual baltimore grand prix kicks off this weekend. all you need to know as you've got to plan ahead if you're heading downtown this weekend. all those stories straight ahead on this friday, august 31st. good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. megan is off today. but lynette is in, also lauren is in, and you have a tall order today. >> yes. that grand prix race has shut down a lot of roads in downtown baltimore, so i'll let you know how to get around the mess. >> we're going to head downtown for the race this weekend. dress lightly. >> just lightly and slather on the sunscreen. it's going to be a hot one, especially today. let's talk about the dry weather that we're seeing in maryland right now. that is going to persist. you do not ed that rain gear
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as you step out and about. that's definitely a good thing, especially if we're heading into the labor day weekend, the unofficial end of summer. we always like the unofficial start of summer, right? look at woodbines temperature coming in at 62 degrees, the dewpoint 61. it's going to be on the up side as we go throughout the day. millersville's temperature at 70, dewpoint 69. they're close, so that means we do have a little bit of reduced visibility out there. some foggy issues. at owens mills, dewpoint 68 degrees. let's get that forecast. we can see it right here. plenty of sunshine as we go throughout the morning hours and even into the afternoon. we're looking at a temperature of 90 degrees by lunchtime. let's get a check now of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. we do have our first accident of the day. it's in harford county right in forest hill on route 23 at route 24. so definitely keep that in mind. and if you are heading into baltimore city, the grand prix race has shut down many roads, including 395, traffic is being diverted onto mlk.
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pratt street, light street are, several roads are affected. for a complete list go to here's a live look at the harrisburg expressway at york road, no problems getting down towards 695. and the beltway will be in great shape from parkville all the way up to towson. that will remain the same if you're traveling on the west side of the beltway. just 11 minutes to travel that outer loop from 795 all the way down towards 95. charley, over to you. news time 5:33. to a developing story for you, the body of a missing boater has been found in middle river. sherman walden died while trying to save someone who had fallen overboard. abc 2 news' sharree johnson is here with more. sharee, how is the community getting ready to remember this man? >>reporter: charley, several hundred people are expected to turn out tonight for a vigil for sherman walden. he spent his life on the water and died trying to help others. a friend jumped off a boat and started to struggle. 57-year-old sherman walden wasted no time going in the water to try to save them. his body was recovered two days after he went under the water.
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an autopsy will determine his cause of death. his family says this is not the first time he was a hero. years ago his son remembers his dad pulling a person out of the ocean and performing cpr. in 1997, he and a friend ran into a burning home in harford county and it was just the kind of person he was, he never backed down from danger, but this time it came at a cost as he tried to help a swimmer in distress. >> trish had my dad's shirt and it was in her arms. she said just float, dusty, there's a boat coming. trish let go of my dad for a matter of moments to help donny get on the boat. when she turned around, he had disappeared. he had already gone in the water. >>reporter: the vigil to honor walden will be held tonight at 7:30 on wilson point road in middle river, not far from where his body was found. there are plans to hold a memorial service for he and his wife. she died three weeks ago from a stroke. sharee johnson, abc 2 news. two los angeles police officers are in trouble after surveillance video captures
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them allegedly roughing up a woman in handcuffs. in the video you can see here the officers apparently knocked the woman to the ground. those officers then appeared to exchange a fist bump between the two. after seeing that video, police chief in l.a., charlie beck removed those officers from field duties. the chief has also mandated the film be played at roll calls and the officers tend and talk about the force issues that exist throughout the department. an accident in south florida gives new meaning to the term carpool. a crash at an intersection caused the driver of an suv to go through a fence and then end up in a pool. the driver of that car was fined and a crane had to be brought in to hoist that suv out. now, they managed to get it out without destroying either the car or the pool, but that involved a little bit of creativity. sad news this morning for the abc family. robin roberts' mother has passed away. this happened just hours after robin said good-bye on "good morning america" to take her medical leave for a bone mario transplant. a bef -- bone marrow
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transplant. a bevy of big names are filling that seat while "good morning america" is looking at her going on extended leave. a name that stood out to all of us was oprah, but the cast of "modern family" are also going to make an appearance, along with abc anchors like diane sawyer and barbara walters. you ever find something in your car and wonder how did that get in here? that's a question one man may be pondering after a slithery surprise popped up from the dashboard. and a louisiana girl going to great lengths, making sure some of her most prized possessions are safe and sound as isaac roared through parts of cageon country. we're going to tell you what she did when "good morning maryland" continues.
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after a long day of work, we all hurry to our cars to get home quickly and we always expect a little rush hour traffic, but we don't expect a snake to be looking up from our dashboard vent. so what would you do if that's what you saw? >> i calmly and slowly turned on the turn signal, pulled off the road, set the brake, turned on the hazards, looked in the mirrors to make sure there was nothing coming in the lane beside me and then bolted from the car as quickly as i could. >> i'd scream like a little
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girl. it took that car to a dealer and mechanics spent hours ripping the car apart to find the snake. turns out it was just a baby snake. look at that. sadly, though, that little guy did not survive. lynette, what are you laughing about? >> like, i really wouldn't want to see you in that because i wouldn't want to deal with the situation. if you screamed like a little girl, i would pay money for that, that's hilarious. >> yesterday it was a bat, today it's a snake. frogs are on monday. let's talk about the morning forecast as we step out to the bus stop. yes, we are dealing with a little bit of patchy fog, 72 degrees, but we will be seeing plenty of sunshine here, especially as we go into the afternoon. it is going to be hot, that sunshine is going to do its thing and heat us up to about 94 degrees. but then, kids don't worry, because the weekend is here. check out this forecast for you as we head into saturday. still going to be hot, but still seeing plenty of sunshine in the forecast. and then by sunday we will be dry for the most part, but we will see more clouds than sunshine and also we have the chance for some evening showers and that's courtesy of isaac.
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i'll detail more that coming up. right now let's detail traffic with lauren cook. good morning. that snake was gross. >>reporter: it was. i would scream and i would pay money to see charley scream like a little girl. well, unfortunately we do have some trouble up in harford county. there's a crash in forest hill right on route 23 at route 24. and for those of you heading into baltimore city, do expect delays. it's all due to this weekend's grand prix race. so 395 is now shut down, traffic is being diverted onto mlk. light street and pratt street, they're also going to be affected. so do expect delays in the area. for a complete list of all the road closures, go to here's a live look at 95 at 395, heading into the city no delays, the fort mchenry tunnel will be clear and same case into the harford tunnel. charley, over to you. we are days away from the premier of "katie" and we're getting another look into her lives. coming up, katie couric opening up her life for all to see. we're going to take a look at
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what's inside. >>reporter: and they've been building up to this for weeks, and in just a few hours race cars will be zipping through downtown baltimore. i'm linda stow live, i'll have everything you need to know about the grand prix. that starts today. íú what does fall smell like?
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thanks for staying with us. and start your engines, downtown baltimore becoming a raceway for the labor day holiday. the grand prix is here for the second consecutive year and after some struggles to find an organizer, it looks like the racers, they are ready to go. abc 2 news' linda stow is live downtown with a preview for us. and, linda, things get under way in about two hours. >>reporter: yeah. practice actually starts at 8:00 this morning, one of those that you'll be able to find on the track, michael johnson, thanks so much for joining us. you were telling me you got start inside this when you were 3 years old, are you kidding me? >> yeah. it was all for my dad. he got me started early and i never stopped. >>reporter: he was in race sng >> yeah. he raced professionally with flat track and road racing and that's how i got started. >>reporter: you've been racing ever since. can you tell us about 2005, the accident you were in? >> i was racing flat track in canada, it was just a fun day, and i ended up going through a wood fence, and i broke my back. and then i had the recovery and i started racing cars in 2009,
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racing go carts and everything. this is my first year running this pro series. >>reporter: that was one of your goals, you didn't want that accident -- you being paralyzed to hold you back, right? i mean, you are a shining example. that is pretty amazing. >> thank you. it was my goal to keep racing and to be a champion again and racing motorcycles, 14 national championships, so i'd like to get a championship in cars too. >>reporter: wonderful. tell me where we can find you on the track. >> i have practice at 8:00 a.m. and we have our races saturday and sunday morning. >>reporter: you know, as a spectator watching these cars go by at incredible speeds, it's amazing. i can only imagine how thrilling it is for you behind the wheel. >> it is. it's very fun. i can't wait to run on this ploor grand prix track. this is my first time here so i'm really excited. >>reporter: welcome to baltimore, great to have you. thanks so much for joining us this morning. again, practice starts at 8:00 this morning, racing throughout this weekend, saturday and sunday. and tickets are still available. we're live in downtown
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baltimore, linda stow, abc 2 news. now 11 days away from indicate qui come to go baltimore. her show going to be right here on abc 2 weekdays at 4:00, and the one thing producers have been sure to point out is that this show they want katie to simply be katie. so abc 2 news' josie stuman joins us now with some of the dirt found in katie's purse. >> one time i found, like, chicken bones that were two weeks old in my purse. disgusting, right? but here's some of the things i have, like a lot of dirt, apparently, receipts and a comb, and this great hair spray and you're getting up close and personal with people. occasionally i might have a pair of underwear in there. i'm kidding. honestly i have so much garbage in my purse, it looks like a bottomless pit of trash and useless items. the grossest thing i've ever pulled out of my purse is maybe moldy bread or something like
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that from a sandwich. these are actually sunglasses that are magnifiers, so i can go to the beach and read on the beach and i don't have to have this look which i used to do. i actually looked for where my iphone was in my purse when i was on my iphone. i don't know what those are. someone tweeted me that would i rather be eaten by a bear or not have my eyeliner. i said i would rather be eaten by a bear. here's a band-aid. it's not a used band-aid but no longer has its protective paper. i don't think i would be embarrassed if the national inquirer went through my purse. they'd probably be very board with the contents of my purse. >> we want to thank josie for putting that together for us. you can win a trip to see the premier of "katie" live in new york city on september 10th. here's how you have to enter. like "the katie show" on show and tell them why you're katie couric's biggest fan. you can get there by going to a special section by going to our
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website, that's time now for five things you may want to know on this friday. tomorrow penn state opens its football season against ohio. this is the first football game since the former assistant football coach jerry sandusky was convicted of child sex abuse. and two years ago today the u.s. military mission in iraq ended. today the president will address troops at fort bliss, texas. and today marks the 15th anniversary for the death of princess diana. she died in a car accident in paris with her boyfriend, real estate moagal dodi al-fayed. an inquest into that accident determined that di's limo driver was drunk behind the wheel. he was trying to elude photographers. a ruling is expected today from a federal judge in phoenix into the racial profiling sheriff's suit against joe arpaio. that suit was brought by a group of latinos alleging racial profiling he's the outspoken sheriff who bheefs obama was not born in the u.s. today we'll learn who won
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that $337 million powerball jackpot. michigan lottery officials are introducing those winners. the ticket was drawn earlier this month. it is the third largest powerball jackpot in the game's history. when the storm approaches, we make all plans in the case of an emergency. much of the same is done by a louisiana family when isaac was drai drawing near. when the family returned home, they noticed some plans they had not made. their daughter left instructions for her stuffed animals using the buddy system, to go to the bathroom and stay calm while they were away. also no parties. she feared her animals would mess up her room and get her in trouble. can you believe that, lynette? what a great story. >> it is a wonderful story. oh, it's funny too. no partying. >> no partying because i don't want to get in trouble for what you do. actually, it's our friend hoss did it, it was never us. >> she left good instructions too i might add. good for her. let me show you what's going on here at home, charley, because we are looking at temperatures that are above average this morning. they're a little bit milder
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than what we have been dealing with, but things will heat up going into the afternoon. we'll start on the warm side. 68 in westminster, 69 in hanover, upper 60s into nottingham as well this morning. good morning northeast, you're at 66. 67 in galena and 69 in goldsboro, close to 70. the satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot this morning. we do have lots of clear skies. that's going to mean plenty of sunshine as we go into the afternoon. but as we slide further to the south, we're still talking about tropical depression isaac as of now, still bringing plenty of rain across arkansas, but also louisiana is trying to dry out, but they are dealing with a heavy line of showers and thunderstorms rumbling through that area. but for the most part today will be a dry day for them. now, we look at future trend and this shows you what's going to be happening as we go through time. those remnants of isaac will be moving into our area. but for today we'll stay dry and hot, 94 degrees. by tonight degrees, mostly clear, above normal and 90 by tomorrow, still hot. we do have that sun/cloud mix. and here's a check of the seven- day forecast for you as isaac
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will be around possibly as we head into labor day and even tuesday. let's get a check of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. if you are headed out to the beltway, do watch out for some debris over on the southwest side. it's right on the outer loop at hollands ferry road. and if you are headed into the city, we, of course, are still dealing with all of the grand prix closures. so 395, all of that traffic is being diverted onto mlk. now, this big race affects traffic on pratt street and light street as well, many other roads going to be impacted. for a complete list of the closures, just go to no concerns right now out on the jfx. it will be nice and clear from towson all the way into the city. and here's a live look at 95 at 295. you'll notice everything up to speed, no problems getting through that fort mchenry tunnel. that's a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. stay with us. there's much more coming up on "good morning maryland." [ female announcer ] with swiffer wet
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help her out. >> had i asked first, it never would have gone over, so i had to do it behind the scenes. >> i think i would have definitely said no. i would have thought it would have been too embarrassing to have my face up on a billboard, but it's just having fun with it and hopefully a good opportunity will come out of it. >> the billboard says holly has business experience, academic experience and an mba. the billboard is going to run for about a week and it's going to cost him about $700. a teacher's aide is now looking for answers after what she found in a jar of peanut butter that definitely had her doing a double take and why police are now getting involved. and you eat right and you exercise all week long just to blow it on the weekend. how you can become a weekend warrior as you get ready for the labor day holiday.
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thanks for being with us, i'm charley crowson. megan is off today. it is friday, august the 31st. as we get to weather with lynette this morning, want to let you know queen annee's public school a 90-minute delay on this friday. as a result of the fog. that's something that's going on out there right now, lynette. >> let's talk about what's going on on maryland's most powerful radar because we are nice and dry and we will stay that way even as we go into the aftern


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